MyBB 2.0 Source Code has been released

The MyBB 2.0 source code has been released in the official github repository.

It’s still at an early stage, the MyBB core team does not call it alpha yet. You should not use this version in production as it does contain bugs and breaking changes will probably be made until the MyBB 2.0 release candidate is published.

If you want to dive into the source code of the new, laravel based, MyBB 2.0, you can do it here in the official repository. Be aware that no support is offered for 2.0 yet and only experienced developers and plugin coders should work with this version.

To install the current state of MyBB 2.0 you’ll first need a Homestead environment with pointing to /home/vagrant/Code/mybb2/public.
If you have setup the environment you can clone the git repository and install the dependencies using composer.

The full installation process is described in detail here.

MyBB 1.6 is no longer supported

As I announced before in this post, the MyBB team decided to drop the support for MyBB 1.6.

Since MyBB 1.8 has been released more than one year ago, this is a very valid decision. If you are still using MyBB 1.6 you should really upgrade to MyBB 1.8 now because you’d risk security issues otherwise.

If there are plugins that have not yet been updated to MyBB 1.8 compatibility they’ll probably never will and you should drop them.

MyBB 2.0 design demonstration on Video

The MyBB team released three videos to show off some of the new MyBB 2.0 design on different devices.
They follow a responsive webdesign approach like most modern websites do. Even some MyBB 1.8 forums do have a responsive design which works on any device.

I think that this design will be pretty close to the alpha and beta design of MyBB 2.0 so you should look at it.

Get a first sneak preview of MyBB 2.0 here.
Continue reading MyBB 2.0 design demonstration on Video

MyBB 1.8.6 and 1.6.18 security updates

The MyBB development team released new version of MyBB 1.8 and MyBB 1.6. MyBB 1.8.6 is a maintenance and security update, MyBB 1.6.18 is a pure security update.
You should update your MyBB forum to include security fixes for low and medium security issues.

If you are using MyBB 1.8.5 you can use the changed file package to update to MyBB 1.8.6. Do not forget to run the update script!

Check the update descriptions on the MyBB blog.

Keeping your MyBB at the newest version is important to prevent hackers from getting access to your forums data. If there are security updates you should always do these updates as soon as possible.

MyBB 2.0 receives Profile Field Enhancements and Unit Tests

The MyBB development team released further information about the new MyBB 2.0 version at the official blog. Beside small features like the ability to directly quote parts of existing posts, there have been two good announcements. The MyBB profile fields will receive a huge update. Admins will be able to group these input fields and use different input types on these fields like selects, texts or textareas and special fields like URLs or email. It’s not clear if they’ll be stored in fitting types in the database (like Pimcore does it for example) though. Continue reading MyBB 2.0 receives Profile Field Enhancements and Unit Tests

MyBB WordPress User Integration

In this post, I’ll tell you how to integrate your MyBB forum with a WordPress blog.
Wordpress is probably the most successful blogging software in the world. And beside blogs you can also use it as a small CMS for websites.

MyBB WordPress Integration

If you’re running MyBB for Business, you might want to get a blog or a website too. It’s a great opportunity to earn some extra cash.
But if you are running two different systems, you’ll have two different user bases. Your users, having registered in MyBB already, have to type their email adress over and over again if they want to comment on wordpress. They’ll need to register a second time in WordPress for subscriptions.

This is annoying for users. So let’s fix that. Continue reading MyBB WordPress User Integration

Further information about the MyBB 2.0 development progress

The MyBB development team added further informations about the development of MyBB 2.0 in a new blog post.

It seems that they listened to the community who asked for more informations about important decisions (I wrote about this topic here). They restructured the official suggestion forums but they are still informing the community lately. The community does still not have any major impact on the developing.

MyBB 2.0 is using SASS during the development process and might be using Sass or LESS for themers later. They try to follow the BEM syntax for the MyBB CSS. MyBB 2.0 will probably use of gulp.js build system to minify and distribute CSS and JS files.

MyBB 2.0 will provide a conversation system instead of the classic single PMs as we already knew. This is a good step which should probably already have been taken with the release of MyBB 1.8. Users will have a threaded look for the PMs, conversations with multiple users or whole usergroups will be possible. Continue reading Further information about the MyBB 2.0 development progress

Find a profitable niche for your MyBB forum

If you want to use MyBB for Business, you’ll need a good niche for your forum.
For starters – don’t create yet another general gaming forum. The web is swamped with such forums.
If you want to go for a gaming forum, specify the forum on a certain game or certain aspects of games.

Gaming Forum Search Results

TheBorgGaming has been a successful gaming forum for example. They focussed on certain racing games like World Racing 2 or Grand Theft Auto. And they provided additional value for their visitors in form of free modifications and addons for these games. Once they stopped hosting these free DLCs, a lot of members lost interest in this gaming forum. Continue reading Find a profitable niche for your MyBB forum