MyBB 2.0 design demonstration on Video

The MyBB team released three videos to show off some of the new MyBB 2.0 design on different devices.
They follow a responsive webdesign approach like most modern websites do. Even some MyBB 1.8 forums do have a responsive design which works on any device.

I think that this design will be pretty close to the alpha and beta design of MyBB 2.0 so you should look at it.

Get a first sneak preview of MyBB 2.0 here.
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MyBB 1.8.6 and 1.6.18 security updates

The MyBB development team released new version of MyBB 1.8 and MyBB 1.6. MyBB 1.8.6 is a maintenance and security update, MyBB 1.6.18 is a pure security update.
You should update your MyBB forum to include security fixes for low and medium security issues.

If you are using MyBB 1.8.5 you can use the changed file package to update to MyBB 1.8.6. Do not forget to run the update script!

Check the update descriptions on the MyBB blog.

Keeping your MyBB at the newest version is important to prevent hackers from getting access to your forums data. If there are security updates you should always do these updates as soon as possible.