MyBB 2.0 design demonstration on Video

The MyBB team released three videos to show off some of the new MyBB 2.0 design on different devices.
They follow a responsive webdesign approach like most modern websites do. Even some MyBB 1.8 forums do have a responsive design which works on any device.

I think that this design will be pretty close to the alpha and beta design of MyBB 2.0 so you should look at it.

Get a first sneak preview of MyBB 2.0 here.

This is how MyBB 2.0 currently looks on a desktop or notebook screen. You might notice that they removed the thread rating feature to get a clean website look, there are some people who’d miss that feature though. If you do use thread ratings you should vote to keep them in this poll.

MyBB 2.0 could look like this on a tablet or landscape high-end smartphone.

The smartphone look of MyBB 2.0 looks a little crowded to me. There is little structure, maybe because they use only a few colors and no hard borders.

We’ll see how the final MyBB 2.0 design will look like. If you dislike it you should contact the MyBB team through the official forums to get changes done or create a pull request on github once the alpha is out.

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