MyBB 2.0 receives Profile Field Enhancements and Unit Tests

The MyBB development team released further information about the new MyBB 2.0 version at the official blog. Beside small features like the ability to directly quote parts of existing posts, there have been two good announcements. The MyBB profile fields will receive a huge update. Admins will be able to group these input fields and use different input types on these fields like selects, texts or textareas and special fields like URLs or email. It’s not clear if they’ll be stored in fitting types in the database (like Pimcore does it for example) though.Storing profile fields with different input types in separate tables might have impact on the performance. An option to display certain profile information in the showthread has not been announced yet sadly.

The second good announcement is that Unit Testing will be used for the platform, driven by PHPUnit and CircleCI. This will hopefully lead to a more consistent code with less bugs. The MyBB team will probably enforce the usage of CircleCI for plugin developers too which might decrease the number of plugins but increase the code quality of these plugins.

Since I wrote critically about the MyBB development process here, things started to change a little bit. The suggestion forums at have been cleaned up and I see a lot more activity there. In the latest development blog post Euan T also stated that they are trying to improve interaction of the staff team with the community. In a first step they announced public RFCs (Requests for Comments) for the future. Administrators might have a chance to influence the MyBB development on such events. I’m curious to see the impact this will have on the community and the development process. Nobody should miss the chance to take part at the RFCs and get the best out for his business.

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